VPRO500 Laser Rangefinder Reaches 2,000 Reviews on Amazon

VPRO500 Laser Rangefinder Reaches 2,000 Reviews on Amazon


What’s an Amazon review worth these days? According to some analysts, everything.


An article by USA Today reported that of the $2 trillion made globally on e-commerce product sales, approximately $400 billion is driven from the collective voice of consumers. Marketing firm BloomReach claims 55% of shoppers start their buying research on Amazon.com and e-commerce analyst Market Track says half of all shoppers rely on Amazon for reviews.  The value of these opinions is so great that one-out-of-three online shoppers won’t even consider purchasing a product that hasn’t been positively reviewed.


Given the incredible importance of online reviews, we are proud to announce that our most popular golf laser rangefinder, the VPRO500, has reached over 2,000 reviews on Amazon! More importantly, the vast majority are comprised of verified 5-star reviews, the highest possible rating. This tremendous influx of support has established the VPRO500 as Amazon’s #1 best-selling golf laser rangefinder.


Not alone at the top, our VPRO500S (the slope version) and the VPRO DLX come in at #3 and #5, respectively. Each features lightweight, waterproof construction and three signature scanning modes: Pinseeker, First Target Priority and Continuous Scan.


The VPRO500 and all our popular budget-friendly rangefinders have established such a strong following because we provide the best possible product at industry leading prices. The quality and value of our products is unmatched, which has led to a loyal and growing fan base that is vocal on Amazon and elsewhere.


Thank you to all our loyal customers for helping to spread the word!

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