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Introduction In the pursuit of precision in golf, understanding the technology behind rangefinders can be quite enlightening. Central to this discussion is the concept of stabilization – a feature that combats the natural shakiness of hands to provide clear, steady images. Let’s dive into how stabilization works and the differences […]

Introduction In the world of golf, precision and accuracy are paramount. A golfer’s ability to gauge distance accurately can mean the difference between a birdie and a bogey. This is where rangefinders come in, offering a technological edge. However, there’s a common issue plaguing many golfers – instability in rangefinding, […]

The VPRO500S has been featured in the 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide found on Plugged In Golf as a top gift for golfing dads.   Notable comments: “The VPRO500S is not only lightweight and rain proof with three different scanning modes, it also calculates slope.”   Click HERE to view. […]

The VPRO500 is featured as a top choice for affordable golf rangefinders on Golficity.   Comments include: “With its high level of accuracy and “pinsensor technology,” it’s no wonder why the VPRO500 has grown so popular recently.”

The VPRO500 has been featured on NewEngland.Golf in a product roundup titled “Golf Gifts, Gadgets & Gizmos for Dads, Grads & Grooms.”   Notable comments: “Compact and easy to use, TecTecTec’s six models all feature ultra-clear, multi-layered optical lenses for visual clarity and 6X magnification and diopter adjustment for accurate […]

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Ohio Golf Journal featured the VPRO500 in a Father’s Day Golf Gift list.   Comments include: “The piece of equipment every Dad will appreciate is a laser rangefinder and the TecTecTec VPRO500 is a great choice.”   Click HERE to access the digital magazine (pages 30-31)  

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TecTecTec has been featured on Forbes.com in “The Best Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide.”   Comments include:   “Help dad improve his golf game with what might be the best budget-friendly rangefinder on the market.”   Click HERE to view.