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Improve your golf game with the VPRO500 the best budget friendly golf rangefinder on the market.  Take advantage of great technology at a fraction of the cost.  Read more about our rangefinder technology below, see our reviews and remember LOVE IT or your money back!

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Free Silicone Case included

vpro500 with silicone case.001-2

+/- 1 Yard Accuracy, Up to 540 Yard Measurement, Rainproof Body

No need to second guess the distance with VPRO500.  Our rainproof laser golf rangefinder measures up to 540 yards within +/- 1 yard, helping you find the right distance to golf flags, trees, or hazards.  After one look through our premium, ultra-clear, multilayered optical lens, you’ll have a complete picture so you can take your golf game to the next level.

Fast-Measuring Rangefinder Technology, 6x Magnification, Diopter Adjustment

The VPRO500 uses the latest in rangefinder technology making it more accurate and flexible than any other golf rangefinder on the market.  It measures distances perfectly thanks to its clear 6x magnification and multilayer coating.  Our diopter adjustment functionality will always guarantee you a clear view whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted!  Being able to see the object you’re measuring with clarity and pin point distance accuracy will only help improve your golf game.


Save Strokes and Money with TecTecTec!

The BEST Golf Rangefinder

Exclusive Training Tips

 Learn how to use your rangefinder to achieve maximum results.

2 Year Warranty

We stand behind our quality. Total 2 year warranty.

Best Customer Service

Friendly customer service available 24/7.

Love it or Your Money Back

Return product within 30 days for a full refund.


Pin Sensor Technology, Continuous Scan Mode, First Target Priority

With three different scanning modes, the VPRO500, will give you confidence for every situation.  Pinseeker mode lets you accurately measure overlapping targets, perfect for measuring the distance to the pin and wooded areas giving you confidence in your distance! First Target Priority mode displays the distance of the closest subject, helpful when measuring the distance to the golf flag on a green with woods in the background.  And Scan mode, useful when checking the distance of hazards, which hopefully you’ll stay out of!

Lightweight, Portable, Rainproof and Fully Equipped Rangefinder

The VPRO500 is extremely lightweight weighing at 0.41 lbs and measures 4.1 x 2.8 x 1.6 inch making it very portable.  With a rainproof body, there is no reason not to use it for every single golf swing, except maybe your putting!  The golf rangefinder comes fully equipped with a premium case, free CR2 battery, wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth and a quick start guide for easy setup.  The shock-resistant case safe guards your rangefinder against impact and poor weather.  A flashy, high visibility, yellow design lets you easily spot your rangefinder when you need it.



89 reviews for VPRO500

  1. Don Kaiser (verified owner)

    Just got off the course using the range finder for the first time. Very accurate and easy to use. Does just as good a job as my playing partners more expensive ones. Well worth the price.

  2. Jim Scott

    I noticed most of the reviews are from recent purchasers. I have had my VPRO500 for over 4 years and love it. It is every bit as accurate as
    any units my friends have. I play over 150 rounds per year and have only replaced the battery once. The greens at our courses here at Hot Springs Village (we have 8 courses) are very large so gps units that give front/middle/back yardages can miss the yardage to the pin by as much as 15 yards. Tec’s customer service is superb, from the welcoming email to new purchasers to answering questions. Add in the low prices and these units are truly no-brainers.

  3. Kevin Deady (verified owner)

    This is my first golf rangefinder. I purchased this one because I read several professional reviews indicating this as one of the best budget rangefinders.

    First time on the course, I compared it to several rangefinders my friends were using. All of the ones I checked were the same as my VPRO500 for accuracy. The VPRO500 seemed to find the yardage quicker in most cases. The other devices I checked required a steady hand pointing at the pin for a moment before it would give an accurate distance. I like the VPRO500 pin finding, just start slightly to the side of the pin, hold button and swipe across the flag. With a bit of practice this is much quicker and very accurate. I rechecked the distance several times and it was typically the same, or within 1 yard every time.

    Seems like good quality (time will tell). View is crisp and clean with an adjustable focus. This model does not include slope calculations, which is why I bought this model, I prefer to adjust for slope manually based on my expected swing style and trajectory.

    Cons so far:
    Battery binds slightly on the spring when inserting. Requires careful battery insertion to avoid bending the spring.
    Wish there was a USB rechargeable option.
    Wish it came with a quick access option like magnetic or Velcro flap or a separate quick access strap for the golf cart.

    Summary: Excellent budget rangefinder. Accurate and easy to use.

  4. Brian

    I have used the device a couple of times and am very happy with it. I checked it against my golf partners $500 unit and the yardage were within 1 or 2 yards of each other. It is simple to use and is small and compact. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is. I wear glasses and because the yardage is displayed above the cross hairs instead of below it is a little hard for me to read. Other than that it is a great unit for the money.

  5. Gene (verified owner)

    I am 100% satisfied! It only took one round of golf to become addicted to it. It is very accurate and gives me a distance reading instantly. At 6x power it is easy to see your target. I do however use both hands to hold it steady. All the modes work exactly as advertised. If you know the approx. distance you hit each club this rangefinder can actually help lower your scores. I am a “bogey” golfer, (18 handicap), and 65 years old. I’ve already improved by a couple of strokes. The VPRO500 has helped me hit more greens in regulation and also avoid the hazards out there. I’m happy with the price and the customer follow up support has been outstanding.

  6. George Gallery

    Have used on the course. Works perfectly. Good value.

  7. Mike (verified owner)

    Got this rangefinder off Amazon only to get it taken from my bag at the course. Reached out to customer service and they were able to help with replacing it. People always point out “best rangfinder for the price.” This is a great rangefinder period. Provides an accurate read and very durable. Awesome customer service.

  8. Norman Feigelman (verified owner)

    I love the rangefinder. The tutorial was perfect. The next day I went and played 9 holes. The rangefinder performed perfectly. It was impressive. Great price, and great value.

  9. Michael Huffmon (verified owner)

    I have used my VPRO500 on two rounds so far. I do not always get the correct distances based on a comparison of my playing partner and his range finder. Not sure it is not operator error, but even so should be consistent. I find using the pin mode easier to get distances so the item may turn into five stars as I continue to use the unit. Would definitely recommend the VPRO500, especially at the price compared to other devises.

  10. Karen (verified owner)

    I’ve used my VPRO500 several times now. I’m better at spotting my target each time I play. Friends who have more expensive brands/models were expressed with this product. I feel that I made the right choice in selecting TecTecTec. Even if my game isn’t better it helps my confidence to know the yardage rather than just having a reading to front/middle/back of the green.

  11. Bill (verified owner)

    Bought this rangefinder based on reviews. Used it on the course last Sunday. Performed well, gets the job done.. No issues. So far, very happy with my purchase.

  12. Beretta Golf (verified owner)

    First range finder . Looked up reviews by others . Liked what I saw , so I took a chance . Very happy with it . Still getting used to using it , but it’s as advertised . Good product for the money . No issues so far . Will be recommending it to friends .

  13. lwanless (verified owner)

    I purchased the VPRO500 two months ago, and have used it about 10 times. It was a littke diffucukt getting the correct distance the first couple rounds of golf. I was having trouble locking onto the flag. But with usage, i can lock onto the pin/flag almost immediately. I thought i woukd like the pinseejer mode, but when you try that mode you’ll discover there’s a lit more in the background than you originally thought. Right now i seldom use the pin seeker mode, but that nay change. The VPRO500 is everything its promised to be. I’m glad i purchased this one, and not a high dollar rangefinder.

  14. Ole Blomberg (verified owner)

    I just purchased the VPRO500 and am very pleased with It! It compares very favorably to the Bushnell I recently lost on the course. I highly recommend this product! The company has been committed to my satisfaction, which is refreshing. Way to go TecTecTec!!

  15. jeffncynmac (verified owner)

    Went back and forth over numerous reviews of rangefinders and settled in on the vpro500. It is definitely worth the money and is every bit as comparable to high dollar rangefinders from the pricier companies. I am very pleased with price, customer service and results. Excellent product.

  16. Jim (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the VPRO500S and have not had the chance to take it on the course yet due to weather. But, I have tested it and it works as advertised so far. What has impressed me the most working with this company has been the customer support, it is second to none in my experience. I had a couple of questions and needed some help, answers were quick to come, directions clear and approach very curtious. One of my best experiences working with an online purchase ever.

  17. Mickey (verified owner)

    Took a little getting used to like any new electronic equipment, but it works great. What I like most is that TecTecTec support follows up. Most companies today focus on sales but not service.

  18. Frank -Palm Coast, FL

    This is a wonderful company that really cares for its customers. I gave their product, the VPRO500 range finder, a positive review for performance and price shortly after I received it over two years ago. Dueto a recent excellent customer service experience, even though the unit was out of warranty,I felt the need to write a second review. Rather than trying to sell me a new one right away, Billy, the customer service rep, walked me through a probable cure . . . and it worked. Superb customer service generally means that owners and management want it that way. Plaudits to TecTecTec. I will definitely buy their products again.

  19. Keith

    Very satisfied with product setup and protective sleeve. Can’t wait to get it on the driving range and course.

  20. c_cordero6 (verified owner)

    So far I’ve tested this toy at the range, and it’s accurate. I have yet used it in a game but I know it will be great. Price is great. I never used any other range finder so I can’t compare. You do need a steady hand. But I’m pretty sure it’s like that with other ones. I would definitely recommend!

  21. Albert (verified owner)

    Best investment I’ve made in a long while. Very easy to use.

  22. Cab Maddux (verified owner)

    Bought one for me and love it. Now have gotten one for my wife and she loves it too.

  23. Cliff (verified owner)

    I have used the range finder a couple of rounds and am getting used to the way it works. The features are similar to more expensive devices and so far I am very pleased. I added the silicone sleeve which should protect the case, makes it a little more easy to hold, and provides a bright color to reduce the chance of leaving the black body in a cart. Seems like good value.

  24. Devin Levine (verified owner)

    Great rangefinder!! We bought this for my son who is taking up golf and he is excited to put it to use on the course. It is 10° outside today so we will have to wait to use it. He aimed it at points around the neighborhood and he really likes it.

  25. Jonathan

    Played on December 24th and 26th in Jacksonville Florida. This is my first rangefinder and great Christmas gift. Have used my friends Garmin last year and this worked just as well. Great price point and excellent product. I can’t wait to use it again but living in Ohio, it may be awhile.

  26. Stephen li (verified owner)

    Very good

  27. Kawal K (verified owner)

    I ordered my device on Dec 15th and was promised guaranteed delivery before Christmas. My device was shipped on Dec 18th via USPS with an expected delivery date of Dec 23rd by 8pm. It’s Christmas morning and my device is not here, why would you guarantee delivery and use a mail service that doesn’t guarantee their delivery??? Horrible and memorable experience!

    • Simon

      We’re very sorry to hear that this has happened. It seems that the carrier experienced a delay and did not notify us. Please reach out to us at us@tectectec.com so that we can make this right for you as soon as possible.

  28. Steve (verified owner)

    Very nice looking device. Easy to use and accurate. Can’t beat the price point!
    Great value.

  29. stokes (verified owner)

    Used it for one round had some difficulty the 1st couple holes but by the end of the round it was giving me accurate yardage reading . Very happy with the rangefinder

  30. Keith Selbrede (verified owner)

    Just tried it out today. When I can hold it steady enough my readings are very close to those I get from my Garmin. So, I like it! However, if you can offer any clues to reduce the unsteady hands, I would really appreciate it.

  31. Ernie (verified owner)

    Still getting use to operating it. At times I get various readings Will know more about operation of device after a round of golf later this week

  32. Orrin Robbins (verified owner)

    I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. It’s been wet & cold here and there are leaves all over the fairways. Would be losing a couple balls per hole. However, the customer service I experienced with Sarah was superb

  33. Jeff Chase (verified owner)

    The product is fast and accurate and at a reasonable price, less than half or more of equivalent rangefinders on the market.

  34. Riley Allen (verified owner)

    GREAT rangefinder for half the money of many that aren’t as good.

  35. Harvey johnson (verified owner)

    Recently purchased the vpro500, what a great price. Used it twice so far dead on compared to my wifes Garmin gps.Would highly recommend.

  36. Sung

    Its a beautiful rangefinder. It is really easy to use.

  37. Rick Kimbrell (verified owner)

    Probably 9 or 10 years ago, I purchased a laser rangefinder for a little less than I paid for the VPRO500. That device has been banged around a lot and finally gave me problems. One of the features I loved about that device was the Scan feature. My son has a Bushnell and my old rangefinder was much easier to handle and get distances I was looking for. I searched rangefinders with Scan mode and found the VPRO500. The price point was perfect. There was some sort of glitch with the ordering process, my order was put on hold, but it was cleared up in 1 day and the unit arrived yesterday. Took it out and shoot some distances with it, verified those distances to the Skycaddie Touch I also use and everything seemed to match up. The unit looks and feels good and is simple to use. Obviously, since I just got it, can speak for battery life (my old one used 2 AAA batteries which was very convenient) so will have to wait and see. I will carry an extra battery. No need having a device you cannot use if you need it. Also, the optics of this unit are very clear.

  38. Pepe (verified owner)

    Not accurate. I have to check two or three times to make sure Im getting the right distance. Also, I called customer service and left a message so they could explain to me better how to use the settings on when to use the rangefinder settings when there are too many objects behind the flag. Its been a couple of weeks and have not received a phone call back.

    I ended up purchasing a GPS and once in while a still use this rangefinder as a backup.

  39. bob brand (verified owner)

    My wife and I have had a great deal of difficulty getting consistent accurate readings. We are going to return the range finder.

    • Simon

      Sorry for this issue. Please contact our customer service at us@tectectec.com , they will solve this problem.

  40. Ken Murdoch (verified owner)

    Used my VPRO500 for the 1st time on Sun Nov. 5th. Was super easy to use, had no problems picking up the pins to get the exact yardage. I compared about 20 distances to my friends Bushnell V3 and was able to get the yardage quicker then them him and yardages were always within 1 yard. If your looking for an easy to use, accurate laser rangefinder look no further and save yourself some money, pick up the TecTecTec VPRO500.

  41. Sarah (verified owner)

    Sue Scott. I bought this for my son in law and it is one of his Christmas presents. He’s the golf coach at Wylie High School in Abilene, Texas. I’m sure we will be leaving a great review after Christmas!

  42. RJB (verified owner)

    Have used the VPR0500 for 3 rounds and have been extremely pleased! Its very easy to use, yardage has been accurate and the multiple modes are great. Awesome value, thanks TecTecTec!

  43. Dale Rusnak (verified owner)

    I used the VPRO500 for the first time this past Sunday. Read over the instructions, took it out of the box and off to the course. It worked perfectly and gave me the true yardage to the pin. Based upon my front, middle, back range finder this VPRO500 was dead on. Price was incredible and the product is accurate and easy to use. I DO NOT have a steady hand but was able to scan left and right of the flag to grab the distance. Great product for the price and I will recommend.

  44. JOHN F BATEZEL (verified owner)

    Excellent product, fantastic price and easy to use. Read the instructions a couple of time and have had no problems.

  45. Bogey1 (verified owner)

    Rangefinder is an excellent buy — just as good as the much more expensive products. I do have some problem holding it steady enough, but find that resting it on the cart window works for me. Now, if it could only make the shot for me…! 🙂 Seriously, “center” “front” and “back” are often relative terms, and this rangefinder helps me choose the club that will get me close to the pin. Very happy with my purchase!

  46. Brian Harvey (verified owner)

    Works great. Very helpful. Reasonable price

  47. Alex (verified owner)

    Great product for a great price. Have only used it a few rounds, but once I got used to the operation of the device, its use improved my game.

  48. Akatsuki (verified owner)

    This is for Japanese golfer.


  49. bd (verified owner)

    This is really a good value for the money. My $300 Bushnell died and I settled on the VPRO500. I had some initial problems getting multiple readings but got some very good tech assistance that gave me tips on how to make distance determinations easier. It doesn’t take up much room in the bag either.

  50. Ken (verified owner)

    Great unit… compact, light weight, easy to use. Does everything as promised and at a fraction of the cost of the competition. This was a great choice.

  51. Dave B (verified owner)

    Used the rangefinder 3 or 4 times. Worked great. Unfortunately my tailgate malfunctioned and my new rangefinder blew out the back. Looks like I’m back in the market

  52. Orchidlover (verified owner)

    The directions that came with my VPRO500 weren’t very clear. I contacted Tech Support and was sent better instruction on how to accurately get the distance to the pin. So be aware that there is a learning curve. But once I got the hang of it, I love it! It’s just as accurate as my friend’s $399 Leupold laser.

  53. Michael Mullady (verified owner)

    Always wanted a range finder but didn’t want to pay the money , bought this one for the price not expecting much but was surprised at the quality of this product, i use it all the time . It’s simple to use and accurate plus you can’t beat the price

  54. Dave S (verified owner)

    Works great! You won’t find a better value on the market.

  55. Dan

    Not exactly sure why anyone would pay more for a range finder. This product is excellent. Improved my son’s game immediately and is very accurate. Nicely done!

  56. Art Golding (verified owner)

    I only used the rangefinder once so far but it is everything and more than I expected works great looks awesome and made my game a lot easier. Thank you keep up the good work

  57. Sam Passarella (verified owner)

    Ive only tried out the range finder a few time as a result of an injury but am please with just minimum use.
    Visibility seems very good.
    Excited to have this in my bag.

  58. GC (verified owner)

    Great performance and a great value. Adjusting the eyepiece enabled me to avoid having to use my glasses (which I cannot wear while playing). Does require a steady hand, like all rangefinders, and I usually shoot the flag several times just to confirm to verify. Excellent, would recommend to all.

  59. Lori Yohann (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with my range finder that I bought one for my boyfriend because he kept stealing mine! Once we got used to it, we both found it really easy to use. I like it for figuring out how far it is past the water. He likes it especially within 100 yards of the green. Our second unit kept getting water in it. Tec Tec Tec exchanged it for us with no problem and no hassle. I’m impressed with this company.

  60. SDH

    Works great, accurate, easy to use.

  61. Scott (verified owner)

    Great Range finder! Feels good, works flawlessly and is always within 2 yards of my buddies with the expensive range finders. Take a minute to read the manual and find out how the pin seeking mode works and you shouldn’t have trouble getting a flag. Well worth the price!

  62. Gerry (verified owner)

    The unit works just fine. Good value .

  63. Clarence (verified owner)

    Read several reviews and was impressed about what they were saying.
    The unit works better that what i had hoped for, especially based on the price.
    Very easy to use and never have a problem determining the distance to a flag.

  64. Richard (verified owner)

    It works fine. For the price it works as good as My Bushnell

  65. Matt (verified owner)

    Bought it for my 12 year old junior golfer. He says it’s better than my bushnell and 1/3 the price. Quality item without the big price tag.

  66. John (verified owner)

    It took me a couple of rounds to get used to using this but now that I am comfortable with the workings of it I’m finding it really good and it has definitely helped with clubbing particularly on approach shots that look to be closer that they actually are! The VPRO500 is exactly what I was looking for. The only negative is that I had to pay an additional €41 duty when it arrived on my doorstep here in Dublin. Too bad I couldn’t source it in Europe.

  67. Ron (verified owner)

    So far, I love you product! When I first began using it, I wasn’t so sure because everything was blurry. After 2 rounds of reading a blurry target I began fiddling with the eyepiece and realized it was a focus lens. That would have been helpful out of the box or a simple instruction sheet. But otherwise it’s great!

  68. Paul Bradshaw

    Plain and simply – well done TecTecTec, the price and value for money is out of this world and making the option of a rangefinder a lot more accessible to anyone whilst still keeping the quality top drawer. Not to mention it looks great. In fact the VPro500 ranked #1 in Best Price in golfassessor . com and that was a hands down victory too. I’ll shout from the rooftops – superb!

  69. Jeff Chase

    Easy to use and as accurate as my buddy’s $400 unit. Checked it against the yardage markers at my golf range and it was spot on. Couldn’t ask for a better product, and the price is right.

  70. Tom P. (verified owner)

    Easy to use. More accurate than gps that only shows front, middle, back. You can determine exact yardage to where you need to place your shot not only into green but also to lay up when you can’t get to green. Very satisfied with VPR0500

  71. Ken in The Villages, Fl. (verified owner)

    I just read a review that gave your range finder ONE Star. Wow! This fellow must have a defective unit. My Grandson is 10 and he loves it. I have checked it out with numerous other brands and my VPPO500 is always within a yard. I’m not sure that the extra 300 bucks they paid is worth a yard. Maybe their units an off a yard. There are 15 or 20 folks rating this product at 4. Or 5. Stars so I wouldn’t pay much attention to that one review at 1 star.!!

  72. Ken in The Villages, Fl. (verified owner)

    When three of the fellows I golf with recently bought range finders I became curious. These fellows are not great golfers, in fact not eve good golfers but three bought the same range finder from TecTecTec.
    I checked it out and at this price it is an absolute no brainer. It works great.
    I’m saying you can’t go wrong. The VPPO500 even has a pinfinder.
    Wonderful product at a wonderful price. Nice warranty too.

  73. Mariann (verified owner)

    Recently purchased the VPRO500 for my grandson’s 16th birthday. After receiving the rangefinder he immediately went to the golf course. He loved it! His only regret was that he did not receive it sooner especially during his school matches. I was very appreciative of the email I received from Sara at TecTecTec offering her assistance if and/or when needed. Thank you TecTecTec!

  74. joyce buck (verified owner)

    so far I find it accurate and very easy to use-even my 10 yr old grandchild can use it-plan on getting one for my 6yr old grandchild as he loves golf and think it would be a good tool for him

  75. Herb Wilhite (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased directly from TecTecTec and I’ve used the TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder now for two weekends (four rounds of golf). I appreciate its understated good looks, the right size and ergonomics to fit perfectly in my hand and make access to the trigger and mode buttons easy and natural. I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with my golf buddies as they’ve used their more expensive rangefinders of other brands and with a few more bells and whistles (slope, shake stabilization, vibrate, etc.). The VPRO500 is right on target with those others and was in most cases faster to lock on the target flag. I was surprised and impressed with how quickly the VPRO500 found the flag and showed the range. I highly recommend this device. The case provided by TecTecTec is also perfect. The ‘belt loop’ on the case is the right size to feed the bag strap on the golf cart through. This makes it quick and convenient to access the rangefinder. The elastic loop for temporary closure during a round is perfect, eliminating the sound of zippers when someone is setting up to hit. The bright yellow color of the case makes it easy to identify and keep up with. I presume the other models of TecTecTec rangefinders are just as good, although the basic VPRO500 fits my needs perfectly. Buy one today.

  76. Dean Schroyer (verified owner)

    Very disappointed. Almost everyone I know has some kind of range finder that is simple to use. This range finder I bought is difficult to spot on flags and when I do get the distance it’s always 6 to 7 yards different than other people I play with. I will never purchase anything from your company ever again

    • Ashley M

      Hi Dean,
      Thank you for your message and sorry for the disappointment.
      Our customer service team will contact you soon, so we can find out if your rangefinder is defective.

  77. Mick G (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the vpro500, and used it in a recent tournament. It worked excellently, knowing the precise distances to the pin, helped me choose the correct club. It was very easy to use. I cannot reccomend it more. A great product.

  78. TYSON H HENKE (verified owner)

    WOW fast shipping!! 2 days and it’s at my doorstep. Out of the box it feels solid and well built. It feels just as good if not better than the $200-500 models ive held in the stores. Shot it only outside the house so far and it’s super quick and accurate. Can’t wait to get it on the course now and see how it measures up. Initially very pleased though.

  79. Matt D

    I am totally satisfied with my new range finder from Tectectec! I wanted a quick, accurate, dependable instrument and I found it! Do not hesitate to make this part of your arsenal!

  80. Diane Engelberg

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I’m sure I could spend more money , like what my husband did, but I want it to do 2 things on the course. I want it to be able to give me a precise distance to the flag and I want to be able to identify distance of bunkers, trees, I cound’t have asked for anything better for the price I paid ($150) , great value. The re design case with the yellow strip also is sturdy and great.

  81. Bruno Nanni

    This rangefinder works as well as any other I have seen. My first round using it I had a hole in one on a hole that normally plays 150 yards but they had the tee up and I measured it at 120 yards with my Tec Tec Tec rangefinder and that was a great help in club selection. I don’t have the steadies hands and that’s always been a problem with using these rangefinders. But I shoot a few targets around the hole to get a good reading. So far so good. I’ll write another review ify opinion changes over time.

  82. Sam

    I did not want a multitude of features and modes to do all of the math for me. Simplicity but with accuracy was my objective and the VPRO does that very nicely with just a couple of very usable modes. It has served me well and I will continue to use it and also recommend it to those who have similar interests.

  83. Jane

    We purchased this for our son who is in his 1st year of college & playing on the golf team. He loves it & says it works great! His teammates think so too!

  84. Bruno Nanni

    This rangefinder works as well as any other I have seen. My first round using it I had a hole in one on a hole that normally plays 150 yards but they had the tee up and I measured it at 120 yards with my Tec Tec Tec rangefinder and that was a great help in club selection. I don’t have the steadies hands and that’s always been a problem with using these rangefinders. But I shoot a few targets around the hole to get a good reading. So far so good. I’ll write another review ify opinion changes over time.

  85. Todd

    I have used the VPRO500 now for about 3 weeks and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I’m sure I could spend more money and get more options, but I want it to do 2 things on the course. I want it to be able to give me a definite number to the flag and I want to be able to identify distance of bunkers, trees, etc. The VPRO500 has a Pinseeker mode the is fantastic and a panning mode that I’ve found myself using more of. I cound’t have asked for anything better for the price I paid ($150).

  86. MZ

    It initially took a few times to adjust getting the distance and locating a spot to aim for from my rangefinder. it did not always givd me the same distance as from my satellite S2 Garmine watch.
    I really like finding a distance to hit on the par 5 holes.

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5 months 11 days ago

What type of battery is used?

5 months 11 days ago

Hi Curt,

The VPRO500 model uses a CR2 3volts battery.

TecTecTec Team

7 months 22 days ago

does range take into consideration elevation?

7 months 22 days ago

Hi Gene, this model is not capable of measuring slope. The VPRO500S is the one that has the slope measurement function.