How Rangefinders Can Help You Master Your Distances

How Rangefinders Can Help You Master Your Distances


Arnold Palmer once noted, “golf is a game of inches.” More so than many other sports, results on the course are determined by a player’s ability to manage distance and set themselves up for success. The problem is that many amateurs do not have a good enough understanding of their own games and subsequently select the wrong clubs or shot types when trying to capitalize on a situation.


The Wall Street Journal recently published a piece explaining that 40 percent of all approach shots come up short of the green. That is a staggering statistic that demonstrates just how often golfers are overestimating their ability and completely mismanaging distance.


As the popularity of golf rangefinders has increased, players of all abilities are vastly improving their on-course performance by using technology to help better execute shots. When we first introduced our VPRO500 model, the goal was to provide an affordable option that performed better than more established brands. This continues to be our mission. Laser rangefinders have come a long way since the early days and our compact, easy-to-use, and cost-effective options ensure that all players, regardless of their budget, can reap the benefits of modern technology.


Here are a few ways that our rangefinders can help golfers hone their abilities and make more informed decisions during their next round.


Driving Range:

Preparation and practice are critical in golf. Spending time refining your club distances at the range is an excellent way to quickly improve. While posted distances to flags and practices greens can often be inaccurate, laser rangefinders can help determine the true distance to virtually any point. With this information, golfers can began discovering exactly how far different clubs and shot types are traveling. Some of the most important distance control practice should come from inside 100 yards, as being accurate and precise with different short approach shots is essential to good scoring.


On the Tee:

While most people might think of a golf rangefinder as simply a tool to get readings to the pin, the benefits are far more wide reaching. Our products can also be used to determine distances to fairway bunkers, trees and other hazards to help avoid trouble when navigating the hole. Knowing exactly how far you need to hit the ball to carry a specific hazard will help you decide if you should lay-up or go for it.


From the Fairway:

With the incredible accuracy of our laser rangefinders, measuring the exact yardage to the pin within one-yard is simple and quick. While products from other brands and older rangefinders might be hard to lock onto the target, our models make it easy to locate the flagstick and get a clear reading. Further, our models featuring the slope function will automatically factor in elevation change so that you can decide if you need to adjust club selection depending on if you’re attacking an elevated or sunken green.

Regardless of a player’s skill level golf rangefinders can be incredibly helpful tools that will give you incredible confidence during your next round.

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