VPRO500S featured on Golficity

VPRO500S featured on Golficity

The VPRO500S was recently reviewed on Golficity.com, a website dedicated to golf news, reviews, instruction and more as well as hosting The Golf Podcast.

TecTecTec Best Budget Golf Rangefinder VPRO500S

Highlights include:

  • “At $180 it definitely hits on price. But does it sacrifice functionality and performance? In a word… no.”
  • “In every comparison, be it a GPS app, a course marker or sprinkler head, or versus another rangefinder, the VPRO500S is as accurate as any of them.”
  • “This rangefinder is no one-trick pony.”
  • “It does all the things just as well as any other rangefinder. Yet costs about half as much. Now that’s value.”

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