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Deep Dive into TecTecTec by The Golf Content Network Reveals the Owner’s Approach to the Industry

The Golf Content Network has posted a detailed interview with TecTecTec Director Renan Lore discussing the history of TecTecTec, the company’s progressive business approach and Renan’s personal insight into the industry. Click HERE to read more about the origins of TecTecTec as well as our philosophy going forward.

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The Best Online Resource for Golf Courses in the Southern US Highlights TecTecTec’s Latest

Correspondents from visiting the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, Florida were attracted by TecTecTec’s ULT-X rangefinder which guarantees accuracy at plus or minus 0.3 yards up to 300 yards and has a bold yellow slope toggle can be activated to calculate elevation-adjusted distances to the target and easily disengaged for USGA-conforming play. Plans to[…]

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Want a Brand New Ult-X for Free? Golficity Wants to Give You One Plus Tons More Indispensable Golf Gear!

Frank and Mike from Golficity and The Golf Podcast are celebrating reaching 10,000 YouTube subscribers by holding a massive golf equipment giveaway. You could win one TecTecTec ULT-X laser rangefinder with vibration plus more than $1,000 worth of other great equipment. Learn more about how to win here.  

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Golf Vacation Magazine Lists the Best “Sweet Stuff” to Bring on a Golf Getaway and the ULT-X Is Number One

Golf Vacation Magazine regularly suggests the latest gear to its readers who are planning their next golf vacation. The newly released ULT-X made the cut as a dependable, high-tech laser rangefinder available at a low price. Take a look here and make sure you read the entire issue.