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What kind of battery does the TecTecTec golf rangefinder use?

The VPRO 500 uses a CR2 cell battery that can be purchased at most stores.  Depending on frequency of use, the battery should last through an average golf season. It is not rechargeable.

How long does a battery typically last?

Depending on frequency of use, the battery should last through an average golf season or approximately 50 rounds.

How can I change my rangefinder to show distance in yards?

To change the unit of measurement, hold down the MODE button for 3 seconds to alternate from METERS to YARDS and vice versa.

What purpose do the small metal knobs serve on the outside of the storage case?

The small metal knobs can be used together with the bungee on the opposite side of the case to close it quickly.

Where is the battery located?

The battery is located just under the eye piece which you look through.  Press down and push to slide it open.Where is the TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder battery located

Is a TecTecTec rangefinder legal for tournament play?

Yes, all TecTecTec rangefinders are tournament legal in the US.

Please note that that slope mode is not tournament legal, but TecTecTec rangefinder models with slope mode (the VPRO500S, VPRO DLXS, and ULT-X) have three other, non-slope calculating modes that the user can choose from.

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