Bushnell wingman vs TecTecTec TEAM8 GPS golf speaker

  Golfers have a plethora of tech tools at their disposal, and among the most popular are GPS golf speakers. These devices combine the convenience of music with the precision of GPS, ensuring that golfers are both entertained and informed while on the course. Today, we’ll delve into a comparison […]

Both golf speakers with GPS functionality and rangefinders are designed to provide golfers with crucial distance information on the course, but they offer this information in different ways and come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Golf Speaker with GPS: Pros: Cons: Rangefinder: Pros: Cons: Improving the Game: […]

Imagine combining your Bluetooth speaker with a golf-specific GPS device. That’s essentially what a GPS golf speaker is. It’s a portable speaker that you can pair with your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices to play music or other audio. But what sets it apart from regular Bluetooth speakers is its […]

“TecTecTec used to just make entry level rangefinders that were inexpensive and okay quality. Recently, however, they have stepped their game up. Each of their rangefinders we tested were good to great quality, and they have multiple offerings now that are several levels above entry level range finders…” – Golf […]

  Become a photographer with BPROWILD Binoculars @SurfTime Magazine

How to Choose the Right Hunting Rangefinder   PROWILD 2 PROWILD S PROWILD Max. Range 540 Yards 540 Yards 540 Yards Size and Weight 4.1×2.8×1.6 inch (Pocket-size) o.41lbs (Lightweight) 4.1×2.8×1.6 inch (Pocket-size) o.41lbs (Lightweight) 4.1×2.8×1.6 inch (Pocket-size) o.41lbs (Lightweight) Magnification 6x Magnification 6x Magnification 6x Magnification Accuracy +/- 0.3 Yard […]