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PINM8 Series Golf Rangefinders

Elevate your golfing experience with our PINM8 Series Rangefinders, offering two tailored models to fit your playing style and preferences. Both models boast an impressive range of up to 800 meters, integrated slope compensation for accurate readings on uneven terrains, and user-friendly displays for quick and easy distance measurement.


  • Display: Vibrant red LCD for superior visibility. Red LCD indicator activates when slope feature is in use, ensuring compliance with USGA regulations.
  • Magnet Feature: Includes a strong magnet to securely attach the rangefinder to your golf cart, ensuring it's always within reach when you need it.
  • Ideal for: Golfers who appreciate advanced functionality and convenience during competitive play.


  • Display: Sleek black LCD for clear, straightforward readings.
  • Ideal for: Golfers looking for reliable performance with essential features in a more compact form.

Common Features for Both Models:

  • Maximum Distance: Measure distances up to 800 meters with exceptional precision.
  • Slope Compensation: Automatic adjustment for elevation changes, providing accurate distance measurements. Compliant with USGA when the slope feature is turned off.
  • Clear Vision: Crystal-clear optics to ensure excellent visual clarity in various conditions.
  • Target Lock Vibration: The rangefinder vibrates to confirm lock-on to the flag, enhancing accuracy and confidence.
  • Instant Measurement: Fast and reliable measurements, almost instantaneous for improved gameplay efficiency.
  • Units: Switch easily between yards and meters to suit your preference.
  • Scan Mode: Allows golfers to scan the terrain to assess distances to hazards, bunkers, and other landmarks, enhancing strategic play.

Whether you choose the enhanced visibility and convenience of the PINM8 PRO or the simplicity and precision of the PINM8, both models are engineered to improve your game by providing critical distance information in a user-friendly package.


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