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No serious it really is. Welcome to the new age of audible GPS. The TEAM8 Golf GPS speaker provides an ultimate experience that combines precise distances to the Front / Middle / Back of greens + Hazards while doubling as a personal DJ. This is the future of distance measuring devices.

"A lightweight, affordable GPS speaker offering that is accurate and has great sound quality." - Golf Monthly, March 21st, 2023

TEAM8 Golf GPS speaker provides accurate distances to the center, back front of the green and hazards.


Wear your TEAM8 Golf GPS speaker on your hip, or place it on your golf bag for quick access to measurements and your favorite tunes.

The TEAM8 S Golf speaker comes in 3 colors, yellow, black and grey


Yep, you heard us. Press & hold the flag icon on the device after your swing, Start walking to your next shot. When you reach your ball, press the flag icon one time and the TEAM8 GPS Speaker will tell you the last shots distance. Sweet!

The TEAM8 Golf GPS best speaker can measure all your shot distances.


Industry leading neodymium magnet built into the TEAM8 GPS Speaker limits the chances of losing your device. This also allows you to attach it to any metal surface: Golf cart, golf clubs, belt clip, pushcart, refrigerator, car door, light post. You get the picture.

TEAM8 Golf GPS speaker has a built in magnet that allow you to attach on your golf cart, golf bag, clubs...


Put our decades of research into your golf game. The TEAM8 delivers crystal clear, quick, and accurate measurements while providing well balanced bass and treble. Keep it quiet to respect those around you or turn it up to share the vibes.

Best Golf GPS speaker


The TEAM8 is a Bluetooth device that connects to your phone’s GPS. This allows you to operate a very clean interface that gives a tasty visual to compliment the audible experience of the device itself. The great thing about TEAM8 is that you don’t need to use the TecTecTec app if you don’t want to. After you pair it, you can choose how much to engage in the app. Use both if you want the full meal or use just the TEAM8 for a nice a la carte participation.

Hole overview on the Golf speaker TecTecTec app


The TEAM8 / KLYR combo is designed for optimal on course joy. These together will have your friends drooling and in disbelief on how much fun one can have with the right equipment. Your purchase includes a Metallic Belt Clip, a USB-C Charging Cable and a sweet Silkish Bag to keep it cozy.



ONLY WHAT YOU NEED. Designed with love by TecTecTec’s engineers. Disrupting the distance industry since 2014.

2 Year Warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.


Choose Your Color: Available in Black, Yellow, and Grey

40 reviews for TEAM8 – Golf GPS Speaker

  1. Wayne Kendrick (verified owner)

    I selected your TEAM8 GPS, since I really enjoyed your Ult-X Range Finder and wonderful support. I use it every chance and it gets a lot of word as all the players only have a GPS for the front, model and back of greens. They all ask or view themselves to determine the position of the flag or hazards.
    I received both shipments and wanted to show your wonderful and useful products.
    I am very interested in you future TEAM8 E.

    Image #1 from Wayne Kendrick
  2. David Philippe (verified owner)

    Have not received it yet???

  3. Marie J. (verified owner)

    As soon as I got this, I used this for my 9 hole round. I am blown away at how nice this product is. I used the belt clip on my skirt and it stayed in place well. I love having my music follow me with each stroke. The distance was very accurate, as I compared it with another app. I got the yellow TEAM8 with the monkey face. Super cute! I most definitely recommend getting TEAM8. It’s especially great for golf cart without GPS. I’m sure when my golf girlfriends see this, they will want to buy it, too.

    Image #1 from Marie J.
  4. Chris B

    TecTecTec TEAM8 S Golf GPS Bluetooth Speaker – Smart Audible GPS/Personal Speaker for Distance Measurement – Smartphone Compatible & Crystal Clear Sound – Wireless Speaker with Built-in Magnet, Yellow

    This was easy to set up, pair, charge, and use. I haven’t used it for golf YET because I haven’t decided on installing the app but the speaker feature is excellent on it and you can tell it’s made well.

    Fast forward a couple months and I downloaded the app to try out the GPS and it works well but it does use your phone GPS so many things can factor into it’s ability to work well. I don’t think I’ll be keeping the app on my phone considering how often we get a chance to be on greens. The weather hasn’t warmed up enough yet but if you’re out there every day and live in a year round golf climate it’s a huge plus to add to your bag.

    This is a nice gadget to gift for an avid golfer.

  5. Nikol nikysek

    Easy to use, well made ,works excellently, great sound also very accurate

  6. Lacey

    The app can drain older iPhones, if your batteries health is below 91% (check settings) Dad carries a portable charger and have a 2nd iPhone 12 Pro with 100% health. So it’s no longer an issue. Uses phones gps to measure distance. Small and compact. It’s worked fine under some light drizzle but be aware it isn’t waterproof.

    He likes that he can track performance data.

  7. S. Porter

    This little speaker packs a fairly mighty punch in terms of loudness and sound quality.

    This can be used as a range finder if you golf ( I don’t and so my comments here are limited) but you will need to download the phone app if you want to explote that option.

    As well as the sound quality, I prefer to talk about the portability of this. It ia magnetic and will attach itself easily to metal surfaces – even vertically.

    It is also rechargable and of course how long it holds the charge for will depend on how loud you have it.

    It is very impressive but having no use for the golf feature I think it is a little expensive. People who golf may well disagree.

  8. CF

     Very impressed with the product. Is super small and fits in the palm of your hand. The speaker comes with a clip on magnetic base that is really strong so you won’t get the speaker to fall off on its own. The clip is easy to clip on and off from trousers or shorts.

    The speaker comes with an usb cable for recharging and a good instructions booklet. You need to download an app and follow the instructions to apply the GPS functionality.

    The speaker is quite loud for such a small device and is easily connected to your phone via Bluetooth. You can do this without the need of anything else and listen to music or podcasts. Very handy. With an easy turn on and off button (just need to keep it pressed long enough for the device to turn off) and easy plus and minus signs for volume control.

    Super impressed with the product quality, all the material seems to be very good and the presentation is spotless.

  9. Mr. T. Anderson

    This little gadget is two things in one, a small Bluetooth speaker that sounds remarkably good for its size, and a GPS (Global Positioning System) that will tell you all about where you are in relation to the hole you are playing.

    The device is a small round speaker with a slightly rubbery feel. On the side are four buttons, volume up and down, a universal button for on/off/pause, and a distance button. The distance button is the one that measures for you: single press for distance to the found, middle or back of the green, hold for distance from shot to shot, and double press for distance to closest hazard. The shot to shot option works like this: you take the shot, press and hold, walk to the ball, and press again to get the distance.

    How does it know the course? The device depends on a database of up to 40,000 courses and you select the one you are on via a companion app. It found all my local courses easily.

    The device is magnetic and attaches strongly to any metal surface; it also has a clip so you can attach the speaker to the clip, then clip it to your belt.

    A couple of things to note. One is that there is no GPS in the device; rather, it uses the one in your smartphone. So you will need your phone in your pocket.

    Second, I cannot discover how weatherproof the speaker is. I think it is not too bad; the USB-C port is covered with a rubber flap. However the safety instructions say “please keep the power adapter and speaker dry and use them in a dry environment only. Do not touch with wet hands.” This could be a bit of a problem in the UK climate. I suspect though that the safety instructions are erring on the side of caution. Still, I have removed a star because of this.

    What pleased me most was the quality of the sound which is full and rich, at least considering the size. The device seems well made and comes with a smart draw string bag.

  10. PraJana Lotai

    Gets pretty loud and clear,battery life is ok but overall it’s a great speaker and it comes with a charger and a little bag

  11. Heather

    Like others have said the sound is great…of course you aren’t going to get deep bass or anything but the volume is loud enough for the golf course. The distances were slightly off as I measure my shots with a TecTecTec laser finder. The distances are close enough though to help you pick the right club.

  12. Life’s a Book

    This is a really neat package and a great alternative to a more common GPS golf watch or similar.

    The GPS location is generated by the app and your smartphone. You will need to download the app and input the serial number and then pair the device to your phone.

    Once set up you can select your course from the list and select which colour tee you are playing off, the device has multiple functions and can measure the distance to pin and also shot-to-shot measurement which is great. The app can also tell you the distance from hazards such as bunkers.

    You can interact with the app for further detail while in play or keep it simple and use the buttons on the device. Amazingly you can also answer a call from the device and stream music!

    It comes with a USB charger and a neat storage bag. The device can be fixed in a number of ways, by the belt/bag clip by magnet (which is really strong) or with the elasticated bungee.

    A great little package for an avid golfer.

  13. Les Williams

    This is a great gift for any golfer. The system comprises a small Bluetooth speaker and the TecTecTec companion app. In the stylishly shaped box are the Bluetooth speaker, a USB-C charging cable, a steel belt clip, a drawstring carrying bag and a set of instructions. The speaker is charged using the supplied USB-C cable; the USB-C socket is located under an attached cover for weather protection. The speaker has a wrist cable and also features a strong magnetic base which can be attached to steel surfaces or the supplied belt clip. The unit will function as a Bluetooth speaker and volume and clarity are very good for such a small speaker. I downloaded the TEcTecTecMobile app and logged in, choices were to register or log in as a guest, I chose to log in as a guest and it then required the serial number of the speaker, this is only written on the instructions, and isn’t on the box or speaker. Once the serial number was inputted it quickly found the speaker and I was also able to give the location and it quickly found all the local golf courses. Distance information for each hole is clearly given when requested, and this can be in yards or metres. The speaker doesn’t contain any GPS circuitry, it relies on the app and the smartphone, so speaker and phone have to be together. A clever idea and a great gift for a golfer.

  14. Time2fish

    This little speaker/GPS has some unexpected but pleasantly suprising features. I like that it comes with a belt clip that it sticks to magnetically. This makes it easy to move it from the clip to the cart! The sound is great, especially considering how small the device is. I know that this is geared towards golfers but it’s great to take most anywhere with you. It is easy to pair it to your phone.
    For all the golfing features you must have the device and your phone on you at the same time, for it to work with any degree of accuracy. It uses your phones GPS, so having both on you is a must.
    Overall, I found this easy to use and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the speaker works. The buttons are easy to use and easy to find. I have to give this device a solid 2 thumbs up.

  15. Amazon Customer

    this is a powerful little speaker with built in gps that connects to your phone for the golf course

    you download the app and can actually choose your golf course and off you go its magnetic to so attaches to metal surfaces there are good videos on how to correctly use this kit online to

  16. JJB

    I’m not a golfer but have family who are, looking to stock up on some gifts for the end of the year so thought I’d give this a go. Luckily for me its not in a sealed box so they won’t know I’ve had a play first. The speaker is smaller than I expected, sized somewhere between a golf ball and a tennis ball, smaller than the latter but a bit bigger than the former. Build quality looks good and its a solid little unit. The magnetic connection is strong enough to hold whilst walking around briskly. Connecting to Bluetooth was straightforward and for a small device its not a bad sound quality, although turning up full volume does distort the quality slightly, not that you’re expected to be blasting out bass-heavy tunes on the golf course.

    Attempted to try the GPS whilst walking the dog, I’ve no idea how accurate this is as I haven’t measured the field but it does give an indication of distance, I suppose this works much better paired to the app and using the “full functionality”. Apparently it uses your phones GPS so wouldn’t work well for those that are a bit technophobic or have an old Motorola flip phone.

    As a speaker alone its small and compact but not the best quality and massively overpriced, the money is in the functionality with the app I suppose targeting the lucrative golfing market so if you aren’t going to take advantage of this feature then its probably not for you.

  17. Michael Santos

    I personally don’t play golf so I’m missing out on a few built in features but I got this speaker because it is small, powerful, and magnetic. The speaker looks really good, it well built and has great audio quality which surprised me coming from such a small speaker. I would recommend this speaker even if you are not a golfer but if you are this speaker sounds amazing and you can take advantage of the specially made features for golfers.

  18. Otto

    I was skeptical when I saw the size but I knew better from my experience with a wide range of other TecTecTec products in my golf bag. Team8 did not disappoint. It actually produces a nice sound for the extremely small size. It’s smaller than my wife’s palm. The magnet is pretty strong. Didn’t move or fall off of the golf cart. The distance readings were solid. My only “gripe” or suggestion would be to have some sort of remote that I can use to press to get distance readings instead of having to take the speaker with me.

  19. Tim

    Really good sound in a small package. Perfect for golf course. Great for giving you an approximate distance to the front, middle, and back of the green. My friends are considering purchasing there own.

  20. CBinAM

    Short version: Yes, I recommend this device. Be sure to understand its benefits and limitations. Also, the TecTecTec customer support is excellent! They answered my questions and provided assistance over-and-above normal expectations.

    As a Bluetooth speaker, this works very well. The sound quality is good and it has a wide range of volume. Using it to announce distances on the golf course, I only needed a low setting.

    As a Golf GPS, the instructions clearly explain that it actually uses the GPS feature of your phone, which has two effects. First, the device must be within 15 yards of the phone to remain Bluetooth paired. Second, if your phone isn’t with you at the ball, the device reports yardage from your phone to the green or hazard. Keeping your phone with you when you play, beware of the device’s very strong internal magnet. Keep them separate to avoid potentially affecting your electronics negatively.

    Distances are more accurate when closer to the green. The reported distance varied by up to 12 yd. with repeated pressing while standing still at the yellow tees. Within 150 yd. the variance was slight.

    Instructions say that a “single press” gives distance to “front/middle/back of green”, however multiple (single) presses kept reporting distance to the middle. A “double press” gives distance to the nearest hazard.

    The most useful feature for me, aside from distance to green, is the shot-to-shot distance. After hitting the ball, a “long press” preserves the starting location. After reaching the ball, a single press gives the distance of the shot. This way, I continually verify my shot distance with each club.

    Yes, I do recommend this device, since my phone is always with me anyway. By keeping the device separate from the phone, I avoid the concern of the magnet. Again, I applaud the TecTecTec customer service.

  21. John Cotter

    Does just what you want, plays your music and gives you the distances

  22. danyella

     I like you can clip it on it’s for golfers it does more this would make s great gift

  23. C. Croft

    So the gps for golfing is really cool with app , never seen and technically like this before. But I wanna focus on the quality of the sound, it’s really good!! I like that I can clip on my belt and hear music also!! The magnetic back is very strong, really hangs on well to anything mental. Comes nicely packaged with a little bag.
    Pairs very fast to your phone and very small not bulky at all!!

  24. Amazon Customer

    Nice little speaker that can clip or magnet onto your bag or cart. Just used for music its got pretty good sound for the size. Even on louder/looser courses it gets more than loud enough to be too much for a golf course. The yardage part is the really cool feature. Paired up with an app you find your golf course and it uses your gps to tell you current distance from various spots. Accuracy so far seems to be pretty dang close and the only issues ive had im pretty sure had to do with phone coverage.

  25. Anevay

    Great sound as well as the size with the magnetic Clio it’s awesome but I couldn’t figure out how to use the GPS but other then that Great speaker

  26. KariH.

    This device has been fun and easy to use. Downloading the app for any phone is easy with the QR codes provided and the app is very easy to follow. Pair your phone with the device, enter the course you’re playing in the search and start playing. Enter the tees you’re playing from and a press of a button at your lie and distance is displayed in the app. This also is a speaker that will play whatever you like to listen to while you play. It comes with a lanyard, metal belt clip and the device itself is magnetic. The belt clip holds secure or you can stick it right on your cart. I really enjoy knowing precisely how far I’m hitting the ball and I feel it’s helping my game which is the best part.

  27. Julia gadalla

    such a nice small speak that you can take anywhere and has a long lasting battery. I take it with me everywhere. it’s really nice

  28. Lisa

    This has a very nice sound for as small as it is. Music sounds great. I haven’t made it to the golf coarse yet to try out the distance but I will update when I do.

  29. The Casual Reviewer

    I was pleasantly surprised by the attention to details on this speaker and companion app. The connectivity is seemless and the speaker itself is built to last with a rubber and metal body that looks cool and does not compromise efficiency. The sound quality is ok for the most part but does what it’s intended for greatly, u get decent sound quality but not enough bass and volume. Overall it’s exactly what I wanted and I’m happy with it.

  30. A.J.

    This is a very cool compact Bluetooth speaker. It has some nice features, like magnet and clip. But the best is the GPS features so you can get hole info, and shot distance info. Excellent gift for the golfer in your life.

  31. gary

    I love this Team8 golf GPS Bluetooth speaker. It is not only a Bluetooth music speaker, but also a golf GPS. This 2-in-1 device is perfect for playing golf. Team8 is very easy to use. First, Download the TecTecTec APP from Apple store, Second, Pairs with my iPhone. Third, Sign up an account with TecTecTec. Then Team8 is ready to play. The Team8’s size is little bigger than a golf ball. I can drop it in my pocket as a spare golf ball or use the magnetic clip to stick the Team8 to my belt. I also can stick the Team8 to golf cart bar when I drive the golf cart on the course. Team8 is so convenient to play golf. It gives audible GPS distances and can even track the distance of the last shot with push of a button. Team8’s sound quality is great for this size speaker. I can hear very clear the sound with 10 feet. Team8 battery can last up to 8 hours. My longest 18 holes play hour is 6.5 hours ( normal time 3-4). It is no problem to cover one round of golf. Team8 is excellent golf playmate. Highly recommended!

  32. Dr Mojo

    I use this for non-golf activities….it uses GPS to help you figure out distance so it has multiple uses and applications. It’s easy to get up and running and compact enough to carry around without much space. Recommended purchase!

  33. The Hilarious Wordsmith

    Listen up, fellow golfers! I recently got my hands on a seriously sweet piece of tech that’s been a total game-changer for my time on the course. This yellow Bluetooth speaker is not only loud enough to blast my pre-round playlist, but it’s also a GPS device that tells me the distance to the hole.

    The best part? I can connect it to my phone and control everything from there. No more fumbling with different gadgets in my bag or having to awkwardly ask my buddies for distances. Plus, the built-in magnet is clutch for keeping it securely attached to my golf cart. And, because it’s yellow, I can always spot it no matter where I’ve left it.

    The sound quality is top-notch and crystal clear, which is essential for hearing the GPS instructions over my own putter clinks. I’m honestly shocked at how much this little speaker has improved my game. It’s definitely a must-have for any golfer looking to up their tech game without breaking the bank. Trust me, your golf buds will be green with envy when they see this thing in action.

  34. solara

    My hubby got this for the course, but I snatched it up for the speaker and I love it! I like to listen to audible books while housekeeping and gardening. Earbuds block out too much surrounding sound, so I had been playing my books on the phone speaker turned high. This is better. I attach the metal clip to the top of my apron or smock, and the magnetic speaker holds tightly without any issue. Even the little cotton pouch is handy to keep dirt off it. The sound is great. Sometimes I’ll place the speaker on the table while I’m tiding up a room, or snap it onto my garden stool… It’s easy to scoop it up and drop it back onto the metal clip when I move onto the next area. This might not be going back into the golf bag!

  35. theshock

    Initially i was apprehensive to pick this product up given the size, but i am grateful that i did. The GPS Bluetooth speaker is very well-packaged with the ability to attach to a belt and or to a golf cart via magnet. The App is well-designed and very quick to get course information based on your phone’s data plan. What really blew me away though was the sound. If i could compare the sound quality it would be right up there with a JBL Clip type of speaker but with very crisp treble and clear audio.

    Lastly, this is a GPS speaker so it will tell you how far out you are from the pin, helping you lock in the right club to use while on the course.

  36. JustThisGuyYouKnow?

    I’m giving his 5 stars for the functionality as a speaker, and the magnet.

    To use the GPS function, you need the TecTecTec app. The device itself does not have a GPS onboard; it relies on your phones GPS to work. The instructions say the app will download local golf courses and provide distances, but I did not use this functionality.

    As a speaker, the sound was adequately loud for the size of the speaker. It is hefty, but not too heavy. the magnet is pretty strong and the speaker will stick to just about anything ferrous that you stick it to. The belt clip works well.

    The buttons are large and have a good tactile feel. There is a lot of useful functionality in the buttons, not just for volume but skipping songs and the handsfree phone call answering works well.

    The speaker was easy to bluetooth pair to my phone.

    This is a thoughtfully designed bluetooth speaker.

  37. J&S

    You want to take the time to get familiar with how to get the different measurements before taking it with you, but it’s a nice feature to have. It works with an app on your phone, using your phone’s GPS. I found it to be useful. The speaker also has surprisingly good sound for the size. The magnet was strong and the speaker stayed put.

  38. MICHAEL S.

    This was easy to pair, comes with a short USB charge cable, and a small carry pouch. There is a strong magnet on the back for holding it to ferrous metal surfaces, and a metal disc with a bent clip that sticks to the magnet for attaching to other surfaces. I haven’t used the GPS feature since I don’t golf, but it involves installing their app to measure distance. I just clip it to my belt, and use my phone to stream music while I work outside the house. This is quite loud for it’s size, and I can hear the music clearly over my pressure washer. It’s a bit pricey to use just as a speaker, so I hope to find an excuse to use the GPS function.

  39. dj9033

    To be honest I haven’t had a chance to use it a lot this year. Finally was able to get to the course and I expected that I would struggle setting it up. App was downloaded and home and account set up and bluetooth connected. Once arriving on the golf, the app knew my location and the list of golf courses close by. Of course, the one I was on was the 1st one on the list. Once selecting the course and the tees being played, it knew the distance of each hole (front, middle, back). The buttons were easy to use and the speaker was not very loud and it did not annoy anyone. It was nice to know general distances of your phone to the green. Switching to next hole was a breeze. I like the magnet feature to attach the speaker to the cart. The sound is also very good for music or anything else. It also has a microphone, which I have not used yet. Overall – very impressed with this unit and would recommend!

  40. Reece_Carter

    This Golf GPS Bluetooth Speaker is a great accessory for any golfer. It features GPS technology, making it easy to measure distances and get accurate information about the course. The speaker also connects straight to your smartphone, which is what is used for the GPS as well as playing music.

    The crystal clear sound quality of the speaker makes it easy to hear even in noisy environments. The built-in magnet allows you to attach the speaker to your golf bag, cart, or any metal surface, making it convenient to use.

    The Golf GPS Bluetooth Speaker is also durable and designed to withstand golfing. At £99.99, this Golf GPS Bluetooth Speaker isn’t the cheapest but I think the price is well justified for anyone looking to take their golf game to the next level.

    Overall, the Golf GPS Bluetooth Speaker is a fantastic tool for any golfer. Its smart GPS technology, smartphone compatibility, and clear sound quality make it a great choice for anyone looking to improve their game.

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1 year 27 days ago

1. Do you ship to Canada?
2. Is there somewhere we can see the list of courses this is compatible with?

1 year 25 days ago

Hi John,

Yes, we can ship to Canada. Shipping takes 7-10 days.

We do not have the list of the course but it is loaded with up to 40,000 golf courses world wide. In the event that the course is not on the list, we will add it in 3-5 days.


warren Cole
1 year 2 months ago

Trying to register my GPS and when asked for model it defaults to the watch, no Team 8.

1 year 2 months ago

Hi Warren,
On the top left, click on the arrow. Then you will see all your devices, then select TEAM.
Let me know if this work.


TEAM8 - Golf GPS Speaker

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