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Finding the perfect distance on the golf course can be complicated.  Take advantage of TecTecTec’s newest laser rangefinder technology that accurately measure distances up to 1000 yards away.  Read about our technology below, see our reviews and remember LOVE IT or your money back!
*VPRODLX 1K Ships to US only (excluding Alaska & Hawaii)

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TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder Distance Control

+/- 1 Yard Accuracy, Up to 1000 Yard Measurement, Waterproof Body

No need to second guess the distance with VPRODLX 1K.  Our waterproof laser golf rangefinder measures up to 1000 yards within +/- 1 yard, helping you find the right distance to golf flags, trees, or hazards.  After one look through our premium, ultra-clear, multilayered optical lens, you’ll have a complete picture so you can take your golf game to the next level.

Fast-Measuring Rangefinder Technology, 6x Magnification, Diopter Adjustment

VPRODLX 1K measures distances perfectly thanks to its clear 6x magnification and multilayer coating.  Our diopter adjustment functionality will always guarantee you a clear view whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted!  Being able to see the object you’re measuring with clarity and pin point distance accuracy will only help improve your golf game.

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Save Strokes and Money with TecTecTec!

The BEST Golf Rangefinder

Exclusive Training Tips

Learn how to use your rangefinder to achieve maximum results.

2 Year Warranty

We stand behind our quality. Total 2 year warranty.

Best Customer Service

Friendly customer service available 24/7.

Love it or Your Money Back

Return product within 30 days for a full refund.

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Pin Sensor Technology, Continuous Scan Mode, First Target Priority

With three different scanning modes, the VPRODLX 1K, will give you confidence for every situation.  Pinseeker mode lets you accurately measure overlapping targets, perfect for measuring the distance to the pin and wooded areas giving you confidence in your distance! First Target Priority mode displays the distance of the closest subject, helpful when measuring the distance to the golf flag on a green with woods in the background.  And Scan mode, useful when checking the distance of hazards, which hopefully you’ll stay out of!

Lightweight, Portable, Rainproof and Fully Equipped Rangefinder

The VPRODLX 1K is extremely lightweight weighing at 0.41 lbs and measures 4.1 x 2.8 x 1.6 inch making it very portable. With a rainproof body, there is no reason not to use it for every single golf swing, except maybe your putting!  The golf rangefinder comes fully equipped with a premium case, free CR2 battery, wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth and a quick start guide for easy setup.  The shock-resistant case safe guards your rangefinder against impact and poor weather.  A flashy, high visibility, yellow design lets you easily spot your rangefinder when you need it.

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11 reviews for VPRODLX 1K

  1. John wagener (verified owner)

    Terrific product, performs as advertised perfectly. Would suggest over other high priced alternatives. Have recommended this to all my golf friends.

  2. Ron W (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the rangefinder. It is much easier to get the distance to the pin using the pinseeker mode than my old rangefinder.

  3. naclean99 (verified owner)

    great product…. I’ve used ones in the past and was concerned I wouldn’t be able to use it but scan mode picks up distances for me and works great…Super fast delivery!!!! Thanks!!!!

  4. Phil Hollings

    Thanks for making my purchase so easy haven’t had a chance to use it yet but that will happen tomorrow!!!
    Gave one to my Son and he was super excited!! Product looks great, light and styling!!!

  5. Robert Gerde (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery the overall quality is impressive. Works very well but have only used it twice so far. Would recommend.

  6. Steve O (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery , measurements are fast and accurate, easy to read with out my glasses, great range finder, couldn’t be happier!

  7. Emil Helg (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the product. Thank you for the great service also

  8. W. Pope

    I love my TecTecTec rangefinder! I have tried various range finders over the years and was not impressed by them. Some had very well-
    known names, but the results were inconsistent, making me wonder what the yardage, actually was. I played 18 holes of golf with a
    gentleman from Utah, a few months back, and he showed me the TTT range finder he was using. I was impressed by how quickly it
    grabbed the yardage to the flag, even up/downhill. I will never buy another brand.

  9. Wayne Ping Poon (verified owner)

    I’m a 10 year old boy and I’ve been playing golf seriously since I was 8. I previously had a Bushnell V3 slope edition rangefinder, but it didn’t comply to USGA rules. So my dad got me this VPRODLX 1K for tournaments. I love the 6x magnification, it’s very clear, and durable?. But why doesn’t it have jolt technology and the scan mode is hard to use?

    I really love my rangefinder and hope it will help lower down my score. ?

  10. Paul (verified owner)

    I am completely satisfied with my range finder. Great value at a great price.

  11. Rick Mychajlonka

    This is so so accurate! Had many more expensive range finders, This one has amazing clarity & super accurate!

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