Make Your Mark Contest

We Asked:  How do you mark your golf balls?

When you mark your golf ball, does it stand out from the rest? Have you ever found a unique golf ball that someone else already marked, and you have kept it and treasured it ever since?

Make Your Mark Contest

Duffy Waldorf has been known to give his golf balls to his wife and kids to draw pictures and messages on the balls. Duffy then puts those balls in play in professional golf tournaments. These fun golf balls have a cult-like following among ball collectors. The ball in the image above is dated 1993, and says "ALOHA", which likely means Waldorf put this in play in Hawaii at the beginning of the 1993 season.  (Special thanks to Golden Age Golf Auctions for sharing this golf history).

Thank you to all contestants who entered the

There were so many unique and creative golf balls with this contest, even a White House ball! We also received some very heartfelt contest entries - in memory of friends and for charity. Along with many smiley faces and humorous entries... anyone else have that ball marker device? Haha!

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