Golf Rangefinder – VPRODLX 1KS

Golf Rangefinder - VPRODLX 1KS      $249.99

TecTecTec Best Budget Golf Rangefinder VPRODLX 1KS - Black

Accuracy is Everything.

The Best Budget Friendly Rangefinders for Golf.

The VPRODLX 1KS is our most advanced golf rangefinder to date. It can accurately measure distances up to 1000 yards away and features the ultra-clear, multi-layered optical lens with 6x magnification that helped TecTecTec rangefinders achieve Amazon bestseller status in 2016 and 2017 with an impressive 4.5-star rating from thousands of buyers worldwide.


Pocket-sized 0.41lbs

zoom-increasing-symbol (1)

6x Magnification


+/- 1 Yard Accuracy

Long Distance 

1000 Yards

2000+ Reviews! Enjoy Immediate Results 

 Read All 1000 Reviews and over 98% Were Positive - I Agree!

This is a Christmas present for my son-in-law. We celebrated Christmas early and he loves it! I also HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THE COMPANY! I received several emails from Tech, Tech, Tech wanting to know if we were satisfied. It was refreshing to see a company Thant follows up with their customers the way do. I am thinking of purchasing one for myself after Christmas. Great product and even better service!

Fabulous Customer Service and Great Product! 

I bought this for my husband's birthday. Initially he said he didn't need it because he has a golf watch with some special features on it. However I urged him to try it. He used it today for the first time and when he came home he gave me a big kiss and thanked me, saying he had his lowest score ever in 40+ years! He beat all the guys he was playing with and was just thrilled with this rangefinder. I also have to say that I have had unsolicited support from the company...they reached out to make sure I was satisfied with the product! How amazing is that nowadays?!!!

It Sounded Too Good to Be True

I have used a GPS range finder for years, but decided I needed a bit more accuracy, but wasn't interested in paying $300+ for a rangefinder. Found the VPRO500 on Amazon and researched the product online. It sounded too good to be true....but it was 1/3 the price of the more advertised brands. I took the chance and couldn't be happier. Great product, easy to use, accurate and the follow up from TecTecTec is impressive. They sure want you to be satisfied with their product. If you are looking for a rangefinder don't pass this one up!

Works Better and Is as Accurate as Models Costing Twice as Much

I'm very impressed with the accuracy and the pinseeker mode is what every golfer needs. A friend paid $350 for a competitor's range finder and it won't give accurate range if the pin is in front of a stand of trees. My TecTecTec with pinseeker does every time. Love it especially for courses I don't play a lot.

Great Rangefinder for the Money. No Need to Spend More.

I've only used it for one round so far, but I really like this rangefinder. Very quick, and the pin seeker function is great. Very easy to lock into the flag rather than the trees behind the green like my old rangefinder. Just aim a little to the side of the flag, hold down the button, sweep past the flag, and Bam!, range to the flag is locked in.

First Class Rangefinder

When I bought this device I was not sure what I was getting but I must say I am very pleased . This device is very attractive and works like a charm . It come in a first class container which is very user friendly . I play golf three times a week with a group at our local club and I am really impressed with the rangefinder It is well made easy to use and gives very accurate readings . It looks like an extremely well made device . I am very pleased with it and it compares with devices that are much more expensive.



Gives you the exact distance to your target and a huge advantage.


Shows you an accurate distance continuously. Great for determining the distance to hazards.


Pinseeker Mode is perfect for measuring the distance to a flagstick on a green with woods in the background. Its locking function will give you even greater confidence!


Use it when measuring overlapping targets. You can be confident that you have an accurate angle-compensated distance.


TecTecTec Best Budget Golf Rangefinder VPRODLX 1KS - Black
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