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If you play golf, you know what we are about to describe.

You hit a great drive down the center of the fairway.

As you walk up to your ball, there is no sprinkler head in sight.

No caddie.

No 150-yard marker.

What do you do? Guess? How do you know which club to hit?

This is a problem that all golfers face. Here’s how most people solve it: 

Shelling out $300, $400 or even $500+ dollars on a golf rangefinder!

But then you are going to end up like these guys, completely soaked.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The TecTecTec VPRO500 is the best-selling golf rangefinder online for a reason. Well, many reasons:

✅ Measures up to 540 yards

✅ Accurate within one yard

✅ Diopter adjustment

✅ 6X magnification

✅ Lightweight

✅ Water resistant

✅ Three scanning modes

✅ 2-year warranty

✅ 24/7 customer service

✅ 30-day full refund

And here’s the most important part.


This is incredible performance at an unbeatable price.

Our customers couldn’t be happier with the VPRO500 golf rangefinder.

“This is a wonderful company that really cares for its customers.”

“Bought one for me and love it. Now have gotten one for my wife and she loves it too.”

“This is my first rangefinder and great gift. Great price point and excellent product.”

“It’s very easy to use, yardage has been accurate and the multiple modes are great.”

TecTecTec golf precision laser rangefinder VPRO500 540 Yard measurement 1 Yard precision slicone


VPRO500 + FREE Silicone Case ($19.99)

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Our golf rangefinders are easy to use, right when you step on the course.

Plus, you get three separate modes that make the VPRO500 a versatile golf rangefinder for any tricky spot on the course.

Normal Mode is the default setting for the VPRO500.

  • The VPRO500 allows you to select any area you want and get a yardage reading.
  • You individually target an object, click the power button, and the VPRO500 will give you a brief reading of that object.
  • This may be a bunker, front of the green, trees or a landing area in the fairway.

Scan Mode enables the you to take aim at targets in front of you to get yardages quickly on a variety of objects with the VPRO500.

  • By pressing and holding the power button on the VPRO500, you can take aim at multiple objects.
  • Pause briefly on each area to get an accurate yardage reading.

Pin Mode is just what you think it is, use the VPRO500 to hunt those flag sticks!

  • Aim past the pin and hold the VPRO500 power button.
  • Move your cross hairs across the pin flag, then release the power button.
  • The VPRO500 will give you an accurate reading, even with background objects.

These golf rangefinder modes allow you to tackle any situation during your round with the VPRO500.

With a golf rangefinder that offers so many features for such a good price, the golfing world is talking about the VPRO500.
 TecTecTec and the VPRO500 is reshaping how rangefinders are viewed in the market.
TecTecTec VPRO500 VPRO500S Silicone Sleeve


VPRO500 + FREE Silicone Case ($19.99)

Official Site Only

Confidence is so important when you step on the golf course.

If you are pacing off yards, checking sprinkler heads or asking your buddy, you are stuck in the past.

How can you trust that you made the right choice for your next shot?


All golfers can improve their game by receiving accurate yardage information.

The VPRO500 is the golf rangefinder to do it with.

So next time you pull out an iron, you know for a fact that it is the correct choice.

Get the right club and the right yardage for each shot.

Every time.

Golf club: golfer concentrating on the 18th hole

Now, you know why the VPRO500 is the best-selling golf rangefinder online.

You can choose how to improve your golf game.

If you keep guessing on yardage, you will never be precise.

Hazards, landing areas or the pin can all be measured with the VPRO500 rangefinder.

Stop the guesswork and start being smarter on the golf course.

The TecTecTec VPRO500 is the pathway to improving your game.


VPRO500 + FREE Silicone Case ($19.99)

Official Site Only

TecTecTec golf precision laser rangefinder VPRO500 540 Yard measurement 1 Yard precision slicone