“TecTecTec used to just make entry level rangefinders that were inexpensive and okay quality. Recently, however, they have stepped their game up. Each of their rangefinders we tested were good to great quality, and they have multiple offerings now that are several levels above entry level range finders…” – Golf […]

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A rangefinder has become as essential to a golfer’s equipment as a putter these days. A good one serves several purposes: it not only shoots the yardage to a pin, it can help you know how far you have to hit the ball to carry a hazard or how much […]

I am James Nelson, a survivalist, outdoor and hunting enthusiast. I have dedicated my time to gather and sieve through information about hunting. You can check out to learn more about me and my goals. Equipment You definitely need good skills for hunting and not anyone can just hop […]

TecTecTec’s ULT-X was again a top choice among gifts as chosen by NBC Sports Radio. They were very pleased with its precise measuring and vibration features. Listen to the whole segment HERE.

The official publication of the Utah Golf Association, Fairways 18 has included the ULT-X in a round up of 2018 product reviews. Read the review and the rest of the magazine HERE.  

How to Choose the Right Hunting Rangefinder   PROWILD 2 PROWILD S PROWILD Max. Range 540 Yards 540 Yards 540 Yards Size and Weight 4.1×2.8×1.6 inch (Pocket-size) o.41lbs (Lightweight) 4.1×2.8×1.6 inch (Pocket-size) o.41lbs (Lightweight) 4.1×2.8×1.6 inch (Pocket-size) o.41lbs (Lightweight) Magnification 6x Magnification 6x Magnification 6x Magnification Accuracy +/- 0.3 Yard […]

Men’s Guide has chosen the VPRO500 as one of its top picks for golf rangefinders intended for seasoned golfers. Notable comments: “Equipped with the latest technology, the VPRO500 is perfect for measuring distances, allowing you to improve your game like never before.” You can see the list HERE.  

I am John Lewis, a blogger, survivalist and outdoor enthusiast. You can follow me over at Epic Wilderness by clicking here. As a hunter, rangefinders are one of the more complex devices which you will own. This means that you need to put in more effort in your research for […]

How Do I Use a Golf Laser Rangefinder, Anyhow?   Looking to drop some strokes by filling your golf bag with new gear? Laser rangefinders are an excellent way to elevate your game with just the press of a button, and TecTecTec is here to show you how. Whether you’re […]