TecTecTec is a manufacturing company driven by one motto. “Only What You Need.”

It started in 2014 by two brothers from Vannes, France who both happened to be engineers following in their father’s footsteps. Within a short period of time, TecTecTec rose to be the #1 Rangefinder on Amazon between 2016-2020, Their model was simple; Innovation and Precision for a fair price. As the pioneering Rangefinder Co. to go direct to consumer, they were able to offer new features and technology for half the price as other industry leaders. Between 2020 and present day, the price point wars have been fought with a race to the bottom as it relates to quality.

Many knock off and marketing only companies have entered into the space with one thing in mind. Lowest Price or Finest Spice, both leave you hollow and disappointed. We’ve been here since day one and have always put the golfer first. We innovate and ask the questions. What is it that will enhance on course joy? What do people truly want? TecTecTec are disruptors, engineering equipment for everyone by everyone.


We’re a band. Each member brings an immense amount of direct golf industry experience to the table. We hold several patents and have developed hundreds of products for golfers. Our team spans across the oceans which gives us a unique advantage. Our feedback comes from the global golf community. We absolutely lean on different geographic markets for inspiration and ideation. Why wouldn’t we? Our goal is continue to build a community around integration with a mindset that all of our product is designed with love.

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